Evagelism Teams Come To Prague

During the months of May and June we had evangelism teams Berlin, Germany and Salzbburg, Austria, who were working with us in Prague. Both teams were on the streets sharing Jesus, ministering to the poor and praying for the needs of hurting people. It was such a joy to see their zeal for the LORD!!!

Marriage Week International Conference

We hosted the International Marriage Week Conference in Prague this month. 53 Christian leaders came from 14 different nations, such as Gernany, Ukraine, Great Briton, Poland and Albania.


There were testimonies from a number of different leaders of how they promoted marriage in their country. I was really encouraged by the testimony from Hungary.


The Hungarian Parliament has made some very positive laws that encourage marriage in their society.

Awakening Europe

The outreaches during the Awakening Europe Festival were ministering in every part of the city of Prague. From date to date, there were 60 ministry teams on the streets of Prague sharing the love of Jesus, each day of the event.


Over a thousand received salvation and many others experienced healing in their bodies. We prayed for a man who walked with a limp and could not bend his knees without pain. After our prayer, the pain was gone and he could jump and run!

New Stateside Address

Checks are made out to the same church, our street address was changed to a P. O. Box.


Judah Christian Community

C/O Roger and Robin Harsh

PO Box 27405

Columbus, OH 43227

Ministry: Past, Present and Future

During the past six months we have been traveled to Ukraine, Spain, Great Britain, Hungary and Slovakia. We have been taking part in ministry to Gypsies and to the poor and homeless. We've been involved with bringing revival through "David's Tabernacle" to the nations of Europe.


I (Roger), also traveled to Malaga, Spain for the Coaching Course. This course will equip me in helping pastors and

Christian leaders to be more effective in their life and ministry.


During the next 6 months we will be taking a couple more teams to Ukraine, as well as continuing our weekly ongoing outreaches.


Would you consider supporting the work of the ministry in the Czech Republic and Ukraine? One trip to Ukraine costs us about $400.00 per person. Flying to Spain and Great Briton which were about $1,000 each. A one time gift would help offset the costs of our travels and monthly donations would insure that there will be no lapse in ministry

efforts. We so appreciate all of you who are our faithful supporters.


God bless you.